08 January 2014

The Best Chocolate Cake EVER

I am going to preface this by saying, I don't really like chocolate, gasp, horror, whisper "but urr a girrl", Yep, I am not really a big fan of chocolate.  My husband buys it all of the time for the kids and they scarf it down like it was going out of style, but the only chocolate I really eat is a Snickers bar.  But NOW I am a FAN, a big one...

"Oh Me Gosh" big letters OMG!  This is just the most fantastic thing to slide down your taste buds.  The texture, the moistness, the fudgy gooeyness, you will find the recipe HERE.  I got it last year from my friend Linda (her house burned to the ground this summer, so be sure to say something nice to her) and didn't make it until today.  It is her Grandmama's recipe and she is 105 years old this year, and if that doesn't convince you to eat more chocolate then I don't know what would.

Are you still here, go, go, get the RECIPE.
Make the cake!
Eat the cake!
and try to Share!

I don't have any pictures to share, we ate it to fast ;p

18 December 2013


A Quick overview of where we went.

Flew into Denver and spent 3 nights recuperating to the new time zone:

Took a road trip down through Alamosa, CO. to Tres Piedras, NM and spent the night in Taos, NM.
Then drove on to Albuquerque, NM, spent a few nights there and visited with an old College girlfriend, we went to the Zoo, lunch and back to her house the kids had a blast playing with her kids, first real day of there holiday.
Drove through NM, to the Four Corners and then to Monument Valley, UT, spent 3 nights there.
Drove to the Grand Canyon.
Spent only 1 night, because the next morning we woke up to snow.
Nik loved it, Katerina, not so much.
So we decided to head to Las Vegas, NV through Kingman AZ and Hoover Dam.
Enjoying a homemade Root Beer float in Kingman, AZ.

At Hoover Dam.
2 nights in Las Vegas, NV.
View from Hotel Room

A Little PuttPutt in Circus Circus Casino and Hotel.
Then spent a fun in the sun filled week in Southern California at the SoCal Caprons.
All of the Caprons showed up for a great Thanksgiving week, it went by way to fast, so much fun, loads of photos and videos to share of this week.
Even Mom made it down.
Left Saturday and drove up Hwy 1, spent 1 night in Cambria.
Then continued to San Francisco, spent 3 nights, met up with Cousin Lettie and little Jesse.
Last day was spent doing what the kids liked the most of thier trip, THE PARKS!

Don't worry there are more photos coming, it just takes a lot of time, wanted to do a quick trip recap.

Total Mileage: 2,800
Total Days: 26
Total States: 6
Memories: Priceless!

And the Car that did it all!  Even the rough roads of Utah.
A Dodge Grand Caravan @ the Tres Piedras Post Office.

19 August 2013

Our summer

I made a card with Shutterfly, super easy and very cute.
We have kept very busy this summer with lots of play time outside, the kids are getting bigger and we need to get them some bigger bikes, but with the big hills here we are afraid that there will be lots of bruises and bloody knees, so we will wait till next summer before getting them bikes.  Of course Katerina would really like the pink Minnie Mouse motorized moped, lol.

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

23 July 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!


Last Wednesday, Arthur had a business meeting in Ioannina, a city 1 1/2 hours north of our town.  It has a population of 112,000 and is next to a lake, but the best part is the IKEA, just a little outside of the city.
So the kids and I went along and had fun at IKEA while Arthur did his business, he came in for a few minutes and we had an ice-cream, the ice-creams are so good at IKEA, yummy.
I forgot to take pictures until the last ice-cream was being eaten, by Nik
Then we put the kids in the play ground that they have there, it is the first time Kat could go in, since she just turned 3.  How long did she last you ask? 
I was within hearing but out of sight, she called me over 5 times before finally deciding to come out, guess how long she was in?

15 minutes, wow 15 minutes with out her mum, a record for sure, lol.

So while Nik continued to play, Kat and I walked around IKEA, doing some shopping.  Just as I was at the counter to pay, they phoned me to pick him up.  He was inside for an hour.

We then went to the cafeteria and I bought the kids meal for 1euro, it was pasta with sauce and a juice and then when you exit you can get another ice-cream.  I only bought one meal because I could see the kids would probably not eat the pasta, it looked dry and gross (it was).  At the counter the guy asked me if the kids were sharing the meal I said yes and he gave me 2 tickets for the ice-cream that is a 1.20 price so I walked out making .20cents from IKEA, lol.

The kids played some more in the IKEA cafeteria play area.
Hey look, this is the first dress I sewed for Katerina :)

Then we exited the cafeteria and went out front waiting for Arthur, the kids drew a little but then Nik got upset because the Ikea employee took away the glue, that he was playing with so to quiet him I bought another ice-cream,  have you been keeping track that is 3 ice-creams.  Just as we were finishing the 3rd Arthur arrived.


On my list of things to buy was the IKEA clock (love it, only 2 euros) and a frame.  When we were eating our first ice-cream we sat at little kid tables and Katerina talked about how soft the wood felt on the table and chairs.  So I debated with myself, buy the kids the Table and chairs or buy myself 2 Expedit units to make an IKEA knock-off sewing table.  Right now I sew at the dining room table or on my hands and knees downstairs at the coffee table (so uncomfortable).  Well of course I picked the kids first and bought them a crafting table, ie. eating table (right now Katerina is using it to put a diaper on her baby/ Now they are playing doctor with said baby doll).
  When we brought it home it had 1 wooden dowel at the wrong size, it was too big.  I thought it would be easy to go to a hardware store and pick up a smaller one, little did I know they don't have these things at hardware stores.  So then I thought to cut it, but Arthur wanted to call IKEA (he blamed me for buying the table and it already having something wrong with it) and have them send us a new hardware pack.  I talked to the rep and it was a difficult conversation, so I just got a hand saw and cut it to the right size, easy peasy, no problem at all.  See it looks great!


The next day after getting home from IKEA, Katerina came down with a sickness.  A fever of 103 and vomiting.
  She didn't eat all day Thursday and I had a pretty rough night with her vomiting and constantly getting up.  Friday the fever continued so we took her to the ER in the evening, they could and did nothing, only checking to make sure it was not strep, it wasn't.  She even threw up right there in front of the doctor's.  We came home, she slept a little better but still hadn't eaten anything all day.  Saturday saw her still sick with fever and Saturday night she ate a little and the fever went down, but on Sunday morning she woke up with a rash all over her face, back of ears, chest and back.  Freaked me out, so we took her to the ER again and they said it was just her body getting rid of the fever.  Today is Tuesday and she still has a little bit of the rash on her back, but the face is clear.  The fever has broken and she ate some on Monday and this morning she had some breakfast.

What pisses me off is that some parent thought it would be a great idea to bring their sick kid to IKEA and get other kids sick.  I mean HELLO, if your kid is sick please don't bring them to a place to play with other children, it would be pretty hard to ignore the warning signs of this sickness, Kat was pretty listless.  In fact I even think I know what kid was a sick, there was a little girl playing close to Katerina in the toy kitchen and Nik was on the other side of the room.  The mother was right there at any time she could have warned me that her kid was sick and I would have moved Kat away, but did she, nope.  We kept Kat home and only took her to KokaRoka on Saturday for lunch and she played outside for the first time Monday night.  Greek parents are so inconsiderate they have this thought that if they go out the kid will rub his sickness off onto another kid and they won't be sick any more, REALLY, I am not making this up.  I saw plenty of this example from when Nik was in school.
Greeks were the ones who invented medicine (most medical terms are in Greek) but the last 1000 years have not existed for Greeks in the medical world, they still don't know about germs or viruses, idiots the lot of them. (if you have read this far, wow).

06 July 2013

What we Ate for the 4th

I am happy to say that we celebrated the 4th of July with some great American Way food, courtesy of our local LIDL super market (LIDL is a German super market company with 10,000 chains across Europe).

Here is what we picked up from there.
Some frozen Pizza's and Chicken Nuggets
I had no idea that Curry was American, lol :)
My favorite part
This is a pint of cookie dough ice-cream, cost 2.70euro, a smaller size of Ben and Jerry's can be found at the other super markets for 7.20euro, like a really small tiny thing, the pint is 12 euros.  CRAZY!

I also found, A Taste of USA, Cranberry Juice.
And this cute tin holds American Steakhouse Seasoning, I might have to go buy some more just because I like the tins.

The kids ate the nuggets.
We ate the Pizza's.

Of course no American meal is complete with out Coca-Cola, and please read this Arthur is very proud of how much Coca-Cola Greece makes.  It is the World's second largest Coca-Cola Anchor bottler.
Our little chocolate lover, loved her brownies.
How was your 4th of July?

04 July 2013

Thank you, I am Blessed

Happy 4th of July Everyone!  Warning this post is loaded with photos :)

I want to say a special Thank you to Dad and Rhonda for their support of my fabric addiction, and Mom for all of the lovely boxes filled with fabric.
Mrs. Bobbins
For my birthday Mom sent this little box of joy filled with fabric and a few birthday gifts for Katerina, Love you Mom.
How did you know that the kids have been begging for one of those worm things?
Dad and Rhonda gave me $40 for my birthday and I immediately bought some fabric, thread and stabilizer, all from one shop to save on the postage (crazy postage prices)
I got the little buttons on the bottom right of this photo from my favorite button company Button Mad, they are handmade buttons made by women in South Africa, and they are always beautiful.
And I made this...
It is a crib organizer that I have made for a friend of mine that is expecting a baby in September in Portland Oregon.  I asked people who have Pinterest to pin it for a Challenge and although I did not win a popular vote, at current I have 32 repins and 53 Likes, but I think it was less at the time of judging.  So I did not win the most pins, that belongs to this wonderful quilt.
Kelli Fannin of Seriously... .I think it needs stitches made it and not only is she a great quilter but she is also a great person, we had chatted before the challenge was due and I can see how she got almost 200 repins and 200 Likes, not only is it a fantastic quilt but she is a fantastic person.
Then there was the second and third most pinned and liked Pinterest projects, you can see them here.

And then there was the winners in the superlative categories:
2.  Best use of color -  Tumbling Hexies by Ramona Putnam
3.  Best technique - Pillow by Jana O'Brien
4.  Most creative use of thread - Quilted Table Runner by Susan Slusser

That's me #5, - JUDGES, JUDGES, thought my project deserved the prize for most functional, wow, really?  I love it don't get me wrong, it is what I wanted to make for my friend and is pretty cute.  See these baskets
Not only do they hang on the organizer from the buttonholes in the middle.
But they can also hang on your door knob, so you can have one in another room if you want.
And then the clutch I used the selvedge (the end piece of fabric that some people throw away) to create a strap.
It can hold a few diapers and the diaper wipes.
The panel I used my machine to quilt a vase filled with Cosmos, they mean Peaceful, because I hope the baby brings them peace and is peaceful!

So that is what I made, Katerina had great fun helping me photograph it.
The last 3 was another day and I told her stay right there (pic on left) but she couldn't resist coming in and checking it out again.

And Thank you to AGF (Art Gallery Fabrics, love the texture and feel of their fabric) Angela Walters the designer of the panel and all of the sponsors of the Challenge and especially the Judges, hehe.

I wanted to give a special Thank you to friends and family who have supported me, THANK YOU!


03 July 2013

Handmade Joy Exchange

My first ever swap or in this case a Homemade Joy Exchange was in March, I was very excited this being the first time participating in something like this.  I was very happy with my homemade gift that Karen sent from Connecticut USA!

Karen wrote in her lovely card that she noticed I enjoyed the color blue, she hit the dot on the nose, I love blue, of course I love most all colors :)  Now my daughter has claimed this little bag as her's and she keeps her "fabric" inside of it.

Now the sad part, I sent mine to Sara in Mexico and it never arrived, boohoo, Sara if you are reading this and would like me to send you something else I can, just leave a comment.  I think maybe your officials snagged the box since it had chocolate in it, what do you think?  I also sent some music from my area in Greece and a postcard of where I live along with a hand written card.  I made her a mug rug or small wall hanging.
I didn't have much to go on since her blog post are very random and she hasn't even posted anything since April.  But she talked about liking the rain and a lot about her daughter, her princess.  So I know my daughter loves Rainbows, so this is what I created for her.

Thanks to Anne for organizing everything and truly saddened mine did not arrive, you can find the other goodies received and sent here.  On other news I also sent something out in April to the States and supposedly it never arrived also, well it just now was found (found yesterday), it had dropped behind a shelf at the destinations local post office, so I am so relieved that Kristy got her donation for the Foster children and perhaps this is what also happened in Mexico and some day it will be found.

01 July 2013

Finished my June Goals

I am happy to say I finished all of my June goals, previous post can be found here.

And the 3 challenges, I made several finishes for the Le Challenge

And Blossom Heart Quilts, Kate Spain Blog Hop Challenge.
Cliff Hanging Terrain Totes.
Check, Check, Check!


June Finishes